Welcome to Blu Paw Radio's Temporary Website

This website is just a temporary page while we build a real website, right now our player is online below and the chat client is working as well

Right now the radio is in testing mode, requests can be made from chat, more ways to make simple requests will be included as we go on.

If you want some more information on the project, or would like to send us some of your own furry music please email [email protected] We will also be looking for DJ's for music and talk shows, web designers, and generalaly awesome people so please email me if you think you can help with anything!

This project is out to be a community project, helping the community out and helping them get an equal share in everything, We do not run ad's and do not take revenue from this project. What I want to see with this project is at the most break even, if there is any overages we will either use them on the project or donate them to other causes in the furry fandom! If you are interested in donating to Blu Paw Radio / Blu Paw Networks there will be a paypal link below this ^-^, We will be transparent with your donation and show you exactly where it went in spending. our bills monthly are only $57.50 total. $50.00 for the Blu Paw Radio Main server (the one that runs everything, including a inkbunny cache) and then $7.50 for a IRC server donated out to Xertion IRC for allowing us to have our chat there for our main network and for being awesome people!

One more note, the player might appere as insecure content to your browser, im working on that with the friend who wrote me that code ages ago, for now use the PLS files and a player of your choice ^-^

Low quality (96 Kbps)
Medium quality (128 Kbps
High Quality (320 Kbps)

PLS Files for your own player are

320k MP3

128k MP3

96k AAC

96k MP3

All content on this web page is copyright to there respective owners, DMCA/Inquires? [email protected] ANY DMCA EMAILS SENT TO THE ADDRESS LISTED ABOVE WILL BE PUBLICLY SHAMED, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS AND WE WILL LISTEN. Thanks, White Wolf