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Hosting Change Complete!

Hi guys, mainly making this post to say that EVERYTHING (exept yiff witch will be finished soon) is back online! I would also like to take this time to announce that Forums is online. Also the AutoDJ is now server-side instead of being local to me so the stream should be more stable, if you notice ANY issues please email whitewolf@blupawradio.com or comment down below. Now to work on blupaw.net next


Hosting Change

Hi, I regret to inform you all we have changed hosting providers for BOTH the main website and the server, the website switched from LeonFox Hosting to x10 Hosting (paid), The server is going from OVH France to OVH Canada! They may be the same provider but boy is there a difference in connections.
If you notice any issues with things please email me at whitewolf@blupawradio.com


New Year 2013

Hello, I am DJ White Wolf,

Since we are done  with the holidays and New Year and all that I would like to announce some New Year plans for Blu Paw Radio and Blu Paw Networks.

Right now Blu Paw Networks site is still not done but it will be within the next few weeks, sorry for the extended delay on that I have been waiting on PayPal to clear out some things on my account and they finally have so we will start finishing that up when I get a chance,  With this news we are working to SWITCH to another dedicated server in Canada from France thorough the same provider, until this move I am keeping autodj on the studio computer even though that one keeps crashing so if you are seeing Blu Paw going up and down that is why, I may switch the system over to an OtsAV system sooner or later also so a lot of things may be happening soon, so just stay tuned-in!

This week I randomly got a bug in my butt to figure out NSV encoding and streaming so if I get it right then I will start maybe pushing a movie night once weekly where I post that its gonna be movie night on lets say 1/20/13 and the options for the movie are< Revenge of the Nerds, PCU, and Half Baked, Please comment with what you want and we will tally up the votes in the end! (Note there is no movie night that night as of this moment)

Now to top this all of I (White Wolf) Have acquired a job at Godfathers Pizza in my home town so I may not be online as much anymore, we will see later on with that as I just start on the 8th of January and the place reopens on January 14th, We will see what becomes of this later on.

Thanks for reading the long update post, it will be nice if we get what we want in 2013!

DJ White Wolf
Blu Paw Radio
Division of
Blu Paw Networks


Santa took a dump of Xmas lights in my room…

Well Santa took a dump, here is what it looks like. Honestly I think the Garland would hurt, but so would the lights so yea.



Update on all changes

Ok so now I am updating on all changes up to now,

Right now nothing big with Blu Paw Radio has changed witch is the way I wanted it, keeping everything up and making sure all works out right here in the USA

We do have our new server dedi in France and a VPS in USA that I am going to have to look into because I want to do relaying of either 3 shoutcast to 3 shoutcast or icecast to icecast, there is still testing at this point but that will be coming soon

another thing is that I am thinking about moving the server to a Canadian OVH node instead of being in France, this is because my connection to France sucks major ass

One last thing is that I am thinking about moving chat to in house IRC chat, so yea


Please comment with what you guys thing we should do ~ White Wolf


Random motavational statment I made

Hi I wrote this little statement up to help me out last year during school because it was a pain in the ass, also known as hell, so here it is

<note> I am using hell as a bad place or a place you don’t like at all, like a Jail or Juvi. </note>

If you know what hell is like before you go you will work not to go, but when you go to hell and experience it it, you will work harder to never go back if you get out” – Will Lentz (me)

I used that and somehow it worked, I hope it may help some of you guys out, if it doesn’t then ok whatever.



Ok guys finaly the post I wanted to write,
Basicaly all the changes that are going to happen revolve around blupaw.net – right now it is just pointing to my servers default page, when I get the shit all figured out there will be a new website for it. There will also be some hosting options for Shoutcast / Icecast and then some website hosting (If i can get the fuckin panel to work – this time it is only a webmin-like thing). Once all that stuff is setup and it is ready then we will start selling it and hopefully it will work right, if it doesn’t then well no website hosting. I already know I can do shoutcast hosting and all that.

Now to rebranding

Blu Paw Radio is going to be a sub portion of Blu Paw Networks, the reasoning to this is because of how I want the company thing to be structured and all that, We will not be changing who is all


News update

Hi This is Dj White Wolf,
I figure the news about Blu Paw Radio hasn’t changed much until today.

Due to a recent deal I was able to get on a server I am now moving servers from Chicago to France, I only have about one day to do this and since Sierrapup is being an ass there is no show this week (thanks Sierrapup >,<), There will also be no show for the next few weeks due to the restructuring of Blu Paw Radio, there will be more of this in another post but this includes changing the head of the company Blu Paw Radio to just being a sub division, This process is going to take a few months cause I am going to be building a whole bunch of new stuff and preparing for this to start up! In the meantime I will be keeping Blu Paw Radio online as much as possible and also keeping updates to this website ~ Hopefuly there will be another update on the compleate status tonight when I have my bills paid up and happy! So thanks for reading this, note this website will be staying the same except I may be changing how the sliders work and what they display and other little things.

Thanks for being here guys,

Dj White Wolf



ALSO – Doing final backups of the server then I am done with the backup ~ Next step be quick setting up all the shit witch may turn out to be a pain in the ass


New Desk and Room Setup

Hi guys I am just randomly posting this so the pic is uploaded

But I did this on Sunday Night / Monday Morning

(pic will some up once I figure out how to bypass the 2mb limit)


Chat Status

Due to the current status of our main network (Tech To Know) the embedded chat has been changed out with my own our server temporarily, this change should not last long as we try to figure out where we will go next as I have a few ideas in mind just need to get them sorted out… and configured. Thanks for your patience during this matter, If/When I leave Tech To Know I will be closing the channel for good leaving only one bot remaining to announce that the channe4l is closed and directing clients to where they need to go, Again I thank you for being cooperative while we find another home to settle down at

DJ White Wolf