To all our users: BluPawRadio will be down indefinitely. It has been fun to have this service up and running for as long as it was, but we just can't keep it going with so few users and an almost non-existent community base. So, with deep regrets, BluPawRadio will no longer be providing any services until further notice. We are, however, accepting applications to take over the project. If you are interested, feel free to send an email to [email protected].

Breif History Of our project

This radio station started out as a radio station for a few friends to share around and have fun with, it grew from being for a group of friends to me trying to go for the furry community, the friends faded away and it became a furry station. Eventually I teamed up with a few members of the babyfur community named Sierrapup and Konaro, we did a small show a few weeks, wasn't much but had a few viewers/listeners but we all got busy with our own lives and it moved on. Then it came to this stage, where nothing was happening to it and well, things broke... I didn't bother fixing them and well, here we are. In Memory of BPR ?/?/12 - 4/22/2014 ~ This has been a great two years guys

Thanks for reading my notice, Love you all ~ White Wolf - Owner/Operator Blu Paw Radio