Hello everyone,

So as ive posted on Facebook and Twitter, we will be hosting a live stream of Dj SethWolf/NightWolf for his first live preformance from Furry Migration!! This stream will be broadcasted from our new stream server (hika) and will be using a 320kbps mp3 only stream, this may change if I can figure out liquid soap before leaving home tomorrow. The stream will also be played via the Warp Radio Network  (run by my good buddy Dj Zath) the link for there website is usually http://Warp-Radio.com but due to some data loss there website is down but streams and there chat are online! They will be broadcasting in a 320k 128k and 64k stream, links to each stream are located at this facebook post https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1645319035478248&id=122666644410169

That’s everything I have for now, more info to be posted tomorrow and Sunday!!


Thanks for sticking arround,

White Wolf

Owner/Operator Blu Paw Networks